Questions? Good, we've got answers.


The 2015 Denver Beer Festivus will be held Sunday December 13th at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum from 2pm - 5:30pm (1pm early access for "Feat Of Strength" tickets).

WHy not the mcnichols building like always?

The McNichols Building is currently closed for renovations. We also wanted to grow the event some so that more Denverites could enjoy the miracle that is the Denver Beer Festivus! More breweries than ever before and more local folks to share a beer with!

HOW AM i supposed to get there?

Good news. You've got options. 

1. Snag an Uber. It's quick and easy and first time users can drop the code "IMBIBE" for a free first ride.

2. We've arranged a fleet of busses to shuttle people to the fest. They'll leave from these four breweries: Great Divide Barrel Room, Hogshead, TRVE and Station 26. Get tickets on the ticketing page!

WHat breweries are invited?

Every single brewery in Denver. If they've got Denver in their address, they got the call. 

Will you be playing the broncos game?

Yes indeed! We'll have the game on in a small theatre at the venue and do updates via PA system. We'd suggest planning on checking on the game throughout, but not expecting to see it all since the theatre is just a small portion of the space. Plus, there's beer to be had!

Who benefits from festivus?

New Era Colorado! The proceeds New Era Colorado receives from Festivus will be used to help them run their biggest voter registration and turnout program in the New Era organization's history. They're going to register more than 30,000 young people to vote! 

WHAT should i bring?

A fantastic attitude, your ticket, and an ID!

Is there food?

Yep! We'll have a slew of food options for you if you're hungry, but remember food is not included in the ticket price for general admission! Feat Of Strength ticket holders will get grub.

Can i bring my kids and their pet HAMPSTER?

Sorry, no children or pets allowed.